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23 January 2034 @ 06:17 pm
21 September 2014 @ 12:44 am
Name one show you want me to start watching. I'll give its pilot episode a go and if I like it I'll start watching it.

Give me these details:

Show's Name:
What do you like most about it:
Best Character on the show:
Best OTP of the show:
What other shows this show could replace (i.e. If I like Friends I might like so and so):
21 May 2014 @ 01:37 am
I opened the tv and guess whats on it? POTC: CotBP!

Since I am addicted to OUaT right now... I couldn't help but make comparisons of Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook. Sure Jack could outwit Hook any day but Hook has his charms *read: He is prettier more handsome (yes I am shallow). They are both bad-ass,kohl-wearing,hot pirates who've pinned for a Swan(n) lady at one point or another (which was very out of character for both of them since they are more of ladies-men than a one girl man). Hook's much older than Sparrow but Sparrow has more street-smarts than Hook.

I love both of them for different reasons but I can't help notice their similarities. It feels like Hook's character is adapted from Jack Sparrow (which was a high grossing Disney blockbuster) in many ways.

What do you think?

Poll #1968910 Jack vs. Hook

Who do you love more: Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook?

Jack Sparrow
Captain Hook
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