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Jack Sparrow vs. Captain Hook

I opened the tv and guess whats on it? POTC: CotBP!

Since I am addicted to OUaT right now... I couldn't help but make comparisons of Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook. Sure Jack could outwit Hook any day but Hook has his charms *read: He is prettier more handsome (yes I am shallow). They are both bad-ass,kohl-wearing,hot pirates who've pinned for a Swan(n) lady at one point or another (which was very out of character for both of them since they are more of ladies-men than a one girl man). Hook's much older than Sparrow but Sparrow has more street-smarts than Hook.

I love both of them for different reasons but I can't help notice their similarities. It feels like Hook's character is adapted from Jack Sparrow (which was a high grossing Disney blockbuster) in many ways.

What do you think?

Poll #1968910 Jack vs. Hook

Who do you love more: Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook?

Jack Sparrow
Captain Hook
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Captain Hook all the way. I was actually more of a Will Turner fan in Pirates. Yes, I know. But Captain Jack was only nice in small doses. When he was pushed more to the front in the other movies it didn't work.
heyyy I was a Will Turner fan too! I love an underdog and while everyone is fawning over Cap'n Jack Sparrow I was all about the blacksmith.

I never watched PotC after the 3rd one so I know what you mean...
Lol. Both!
thanks for participating.
haha, a cleaner, cuter version of Jack Sparrow, you think?

I'm not sure how to vote. I prefer Jack Sparrow to the current Hook. But I liked Hook a lot before they sanitized him and turned him into a ~hero. So I dunno. I'm undecided! But in a pinch, if you put me on the spot, I'd probably go with Hook (although perhaps that's because I haven't seen PotC or any of its incarnations in like five years).


May 20 2014, 23:38:59 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  May 20 2014, 23:40:05 UTC

haha, a cleaner, cuter version of Jack Sparrow, you think?

Now now I am not saying that. Hook doesn't have Jack's quirkiness.

I liked Hook a lot before they sanitized him and turned him into a ~hero.

Yeah they seem to do that to EVERYONE on that show. Show a back story and voila they are justified. But what I really like about this show is that those we think are heroes aren't devoid of ever committing a mistake in the past (like snow confided Cora about stable boy or Rumpel's past when he was abandoned by his father...etc). The thing is nothing is black and white on this show. That's the beauty of it. You never know ...something could go wrong and Hook will have his villainous side turn to surface.

Deleted comment

Gotta love will because he be all

Jack Sparrow.

Maybe this will change when I'll watch S3. So far I only know S1 and S2.

In S2 he annoyed me many times. So I just have to go with Jack here.
Oh trust me, s3 is a lot more ass kicking than s2. Don't want to spoil you so I'll leave it at that.
Sorry, it's always going to be about Jack Sparrow for me. Captain Hook just can't compare!
To each their own.